Sunday, October 9, 2011

Willows Fall photo shoot on the Lewis River

It was an absolute joy to photograph Merry and her daughter at her cool house right on the Lewis River.  The location was perfect to show our great collection of Fall clothing and accessories.   My love is styling and creating a story with the pictures.  Her daughter was so cute playing and taking little bites out of the apples.  
Merry always looks so great in all our clothes.  She's committed to working out and taking care of herself.  Up early every morning either running with her daughter in tow or heading to the gym.  I love Merry's style of confident dressing.  She's definitely a T-Shirt girl wearing jeans, t-shirt and sexy leather jacket styled with a great scarf and chic layering necklace.  She always inspires me to drink more water and eat less meat. LOL!!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much Janna! I am honored to be profiled on A T-Shirt Girl... I had so much fun doing the shoot with you, and as always you inspire me always!