Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Men's Suit Drive At Willows

I'm asking for the help of all Willows customers to CLEAN out your husbands, boyfriends, dads, uncles or friends CLOSETS for all the SUITS they don't wear or fit into anymore.  I know my husband has a few he doesn't  FIT into (sorry Tom).  The organization is called Giving Closet Giving Hope.  They have been servicing over 4200 families since 2000.  This October they are growing the organization to include LIFE SKILL classes.  The classes include parenting, life coaching, interviewing and promotion skills.  With these services they will help educate both men, women and kids.
My goal is to fill the GIVING CLOSET with tons of suits, dress shirts, pants, ties, belts and shoes so the men of our community will be able to dress the part for interviewing.  In order to interview for jobs and even be considered, one must be dressed to impress.  It makes such a difference feeling confident and I truly believe if one is dressed well, it will boost confidence and radiate feeling good.
 The Giving Closet is looking specifically for men's suits of all sizes.
Now, I know a lot of women who shop at Willows have men in their lives.  I would absolutely LOVE and APPRECIATE all your help.  I would even be willing to pick up if you can't make it to Willows.
Please go to their website for more information.   Feel free to email willows with any questions.

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