Monday, September 26, 2011

A Guide to Fearless Accessorizing.

Hi lovely ladies.  Had some time today to play with the mannequins and couldn't help but go crazy with the accessories.  I've been hearing a lot of women talk about their fear of accessorizing.  Here are a few.

  • Can I mix metals?
  • Is it too much bling?
  • I feel like it's bringing too much attention to me.
  • How much is too much?
  • Does everything have to match?
  • Can I wear a scarf and a long necklace?
  • Does my handbag have to match my belt and shoes?
  • I buy it and then I don't wear it.
This year especially, accessories are everywhere.  It seems in the years past, one specific item is hot like scarves or statement rings.  Now, I am thrilled to see every type of accessory filling the stores.  The question is, do you wear all of them together or pick one, two or three?  Well, the answer is whatever you feel the most comfortable with.  I've given a few examples of extreme accessorizing.  So pick one or take them all.  The key is being confident wearing them and feel good about people noticing you.  

One thing I have to tell you.  All the years observing women and how they present themselves, I notice the women who are fully accessorized.  It's the added textures and shine that make an outfit pop.  Even if you are just wearing a T-Shirt (my favorite) kick it up a notch with a few small necklaces,scarf and bracelets.  That's easy, right?  

And......if you ever have questions, ask me.

a T-Shirt girl

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