Monday, September 5, 2011

True Friend.....True T-Shirt Girl

Everyone should have a friend like Melanie.  A T-Shirt girl to the fullest in my opinion.  Melanie has been a customer of Willows for at least 10 years and is where our friendship started.  Daytime style is sporty, outdoorsy (casual chic) but nights out she loves to dress up with dresses and skirts.  Never is she without jewelry, a hat or cool jacket (one of my #1 fans of a T-Shirt girl jewelry).  
Always inspiring women through her actions.  That's an important statement.  Her actions have inspired me to reach my race goals and continue my commitment to taking care of myself.  We meet almost every week to run.  In fact she ran my very first 10k with me.  This lady was tricky with one step ahead of me at all times to keep pushing myself a little harder.  I don't know about anyone else but women who push themselves is hugely empowering to me.  We ran across that finish line together hand in hand.  Makes me smile just thinking about it.  I remember her saying the time she runs with friends are her most treasured moments with them.  I so believe that with the women I've been able to run with.  Moments I will never forget.   
The pictures below are from a retreat Melanie and I go to with our daughters every year.  We get to celebrate God's beauty at Tilikum Lake, spend precious time with our gorgeous girls, and do some running, canoeing and rock climbing.  What better way to spend a weekend with a special friend.  
You know, it really comes down to being around women who inspire, motivate and empower you.  

Oh, I almost forgot about her love of coffee.  I believe we will never be together without sharing a latte  together.  The simple things in life we cherish!
Luv Ya Melanie.
Her secret ingredient to making Smores.

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