Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The DRESSING ROOM speaks out

I'm about ready to bust through my seams.  My lights are smoking with madness and my mirror is steaming with frustration.  Is it possible all women hate me and think so negative towards me?  Why wouldn't I think this when most women are making these horrific faces at me.  Is it possible someone actually flipped me off?  Why is it so tough to smile and say "I LOVE ME in this!!!!!"

I've been thinking about how I can help you beautiful women love the dressing room experience, leave with a smile of delight on your face and shopping bags in your hand.

  • Don't try on anything but accessories during or around your period.  This is important because no one feels their best, plus your emotions are all over the board.  You probably will be wondering why you bought this CRAZY shirt in the first place.  
  • If you bring a friend or family member with you, make sure this friend is a positive influence and WANTS you to look good.  Don't laugh, I've heard not so nice things come out of the mouths of moms, daughters and friends.  
  • Don't blame the dressing room for your extra 5 pounds you put on at Christmas.  Sometimes my mirror tells you like it is.   Be honest with yourself and take the steps to feel good and look good.
  • If you are trying on denim or pants wear or bring items you would wear with them.  If you are trying to buy skinny jeans and only wear them with tunic tops, then bring a few tunics in to see what it would look like.  I've seen women poopoo skinnies because they look horrific on with the short white t-shirt they have on with it.  Only Heidi Klum looks good with short tops and skinny jeans (REALLY!!!).
  • Exercise first before you head in.  The feel good hormones will be going strong, therefore your frame of mind will be positive.  Feeling good equals looking good.  
  • Wear the right shoes to try on jeans and dresses.  If you wear heels mostly than of course wear them to try things on.  
  • Bring two sizes of denim in with you.  Every brand is different.  Also, jeans seem tight at first but with all the spandex and lycra around, denim stretches.  Did you know that light colored denim stretches more than dark denim?  Obviously you want to be able to breathe and not break a sweat zipping them up.  
  • Put those sales girls to work.  Each sales associate has different creative vision.  Ask them to put something together for you.   
  • Bring a bottle of water and maybe a snack.  It's tough work trying things on plus it gets rather hot under my lights.  Drink up so you don't get irritable and dehydrated.  
  • Keep positive and find things that accentuate your favorite parts.  If you need to say it out loud do it.  I love to hear it and much prefer it than "I hate my bum in this."  If you always concentrate on the negative you are never going to find the right things nor are you going to leave happy.  
I deserve some happiness too.  I work hard all day and my job would be so much more rewarding if women were as happy going in as going out.  Happy shopping and don't forget your keys and cell phone on the chair.  

The Dressing Room

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