Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Blank Canvas

As A T-Shirt Girl it's important to feel and look good no matter if your taking the kids to school, going to the grocery store or heading to work.   It doesn't mean you have to spend hours contemplating your wardrobe.  It means you care enough to spend a few minutes detailing your outfit.  
This type of styling is not for everyone.  It's specifically for the girl who loves being fashionable yet comfortable.  She chooses a t-shirt over a little black dress.  A T-Shirt Girl's look depends heavily on the mix of accessories.  Think of it as a blank canvas.  Mixing colors, textures and metals are key components to creating amazing, effortless and individual chic looks.  Whether you style it with a sweatshirt, shrug or tuxedo jacket, the possibilities are endless.  We are inspired by high fashion and interpret them to fit our casual lifestyle. 
A T-Shirt Girl loves herself completely.  We let our unique style radiate and empower us to endless possibilities. keep it simple

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