Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Estilo Salon Opens in Vancouver, WA

Is it true?  Am I sitting at Thatchers drinking coffee on a Saturday morning? Even more, am I about to spend the next five hours getting pampered by the newest, coolest salon in Vancouver?  I pinched myself and I'm still here.  WOW!!!  
Being in retail this time of year gives me sore feet, tired legs, bad nails and a dry face.  Maybe it's from not taking care of myself properly.  Usually in December at Willows, I'm always on the go, running around from place to place.  I truly don't take care of myself like I should.  I drink too much coffee and little water.  I don't run like I usually do.  I eat poorly and don't rest.  So, when I was given the chance to have a facial, manicure, pedicure, hair and make up done, I couldn't resist.  It was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Did I feel guilty?  Yes, but what's new.  
Debra Marsh gave me an amazing facial and I would recommend her to anyone.  She is passionate about what she does and shared some great advice to make my skin look and feel amazing.  And yes, drinking water is a must for young looking skin.  So ladies, drink up.
Mel gave me a pedicure and manicure.  I always feel so put together after my nails are done.  I have the shortest nails in the world so having them look so RED was very cool.  Mel has this coolness about her.  Her style is rocker chic.  She had the most stylish arm candy on from Hadar and Adara.  
Owners, Lavonne and Anthony did my hair and make-up, while Kent was everywhere taking pictures.  I felt very relaxed and at home at Estilo.  
Everyone at the salon is so professional.  I can't thank them enough for a great spa day.  Please ladies, take the time to treat yourself.  Although I did not have my hair cut or colored on this day, normally Wendy Vail and Melissa Shepard color and style my hair at Estilo.  Wendy travels the country educating others on the latest color techniques and Melissa just recently moved from LA.    
To all:  Love yourself completely.  Let your unique style radiate and empower you to endless possibilities.
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  1. This is cool. I'll have to check it out!

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